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About Us

High End Journeys is a boutique luxury travel agency, started by Egyptologists and best friends, Ahmed Aziz and Ramez Salama. Both share a passion for travel and draw on their combined industry experience of 34 years to deliver a personalized itinerary for their guests. They work with a singular aim in mind - to create unforgettable memories for every traveler.

Travel Egypt in luxury, the way you want

Feel like watching the sunset by the Giza Pyramids? Or want to savour wine on a private yacht as you sail down the river Nile? Or want to dine on an authentic gourmet meal on a felucca on the river at Aswan?

Give us your bucket-list and we will make it happen!"

Mike & Tonya Irwin

Any request we had was immediately granted with a smile, quick nod, and DONE. To top off our very last night of the trip, Ramez, co-owner of High End Journeys, met us, looked in our eyes, shook our hands and introduced us to his family. We almost cried. We were shocked!!

Private and exclusive openings, away from the crowds

We provide exclusive access and conduct private tours to some of the most famous places in Egypt. So our guests don't have to stand in queues and see the sights in a hurry. They can take their time quietly soaking in the majesty of the Egyptian wonders.


Private tour of the Valley of Kings

We are one of the few travel agencies in Egypt that offer a private tour of the Valley of Kings by night.


Exclusive visit to the Sphinx

Our guests can enjoy a camel ride out in the Egyptian desert in an exclusive visit and admire the Sphinx away from the crowds


Insider access to the famous Egyptian Museum

We take our guests on a private opening to the Egyptian Museum after normal hours


Private openings to royal palaces

Our guests can explore royal places like the Abdeen Palace and Manial Palace at their leisure with private tours to these palaces


Travel in a private jet

We arrange for a private jet to take our guests around the country, if they have flexible schedules

Our pricing is transparent

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Go beyond a standard travel plan

We pay attention to every little detail and go beyond a pre-packaged, fixed travel plan. We cover popular attractions but also introduce our guests to off-beat sights. We'll show you the Great Pyramids and tell you stories you won't find on the Internet. We will also take you to the lesser-known Red and Bent Pyramids. Here you can examine fantastic hieroglyphics and burial sarcophagi for yourself!

Ashley Smith

My group spent two wonderful weeks in Egypt thanks to our assigned Egyptologist from High End Journeys. Not only did we see incredible sights like the Nile, the pyramids, and the Mediterranean, but we learned about Egypt’s history and culture. Our Egyptologist had an incredible ability to weave together both history and storytelling. His explanations at different sights were both engaging and entertaining. In addition, I appreciated his attention to detail so that we could enjoy unique sights and avoid overly crowded tourist spots. The same was true of our dining experiences. In the end, I felt like I was given an opportunity to encounter the wonders of Egypt with a man who clearly loves what he does and does it so well!


Plan your entire Egypt travel with just a click

We deliver dedicated pre-travel support including visas, hotel books and transportation across the country, and 100% stress-free planning. All you have to do is tell us that you would like to visit Egypt. That's it! From airport transfers to assistance services to your dining options, we will organize everything for you.


Last minute trip to Cairo — needed to squeeze a lot in. One call to HEJ and they took care of everything. Horseback riding by the pyramids? No problem. Paid and arranged in full. They literally drove me to the stables, had my horse waiting for me, and even handled the baksheesh! Shopping for souvenirs? Say no more. They took me to spots I never would have found on my own. The best koshary spot? It’s done. Seriously, whatever your request, whatever your trip. Book it with these guys.

Recognized for the value we add

We commit to a sharp focus on excellence and have an eye for precision for which we have received notable awards and press coverage.

Meet the founders

Ahmed Aziz and Ramez Salama first met each other while studying at the School of Egyptology. They are both Egyptologists and have been helping travelers since 2003, to discover the authentic side of their country. They are also former employees to some of the best luxury tour operators in the world. They started High End Journeys together in 2016 - curating journeys and sharing insider stories that “wow” their guests.


Ahmed Aziz is a professional Egyptologist. He graduated in 2003 from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Cairo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Egyptology. He has personally guided a host of high-end clients throughout Egypt, including Hollywood stars, distinguished politicians and the world’s biggest businessmen. He has been married since 2006 and is a father of one. He is a former member of the Egyptian national water polo team. He is an Ironman triathlete and endurance sports enthusiast. He has also managed hospitality and travel arrangements at some of Egypt’s top sporting events.


Ramez Salama's love and passion for his country and its amazing history led him to study Egyptology from Helwan University. He has guided a selection of leading diplomats, foreign businessmen, and world-famous musicians. He loves meeting people from different countries and explore their cultures. He has traveled to over fifteen countries - from the Great Wall of China to the game parks of Eastern Africa. He has seen the great castles of Europe, and hiked across the outstanding nature trails of North America. Ramez delivers lectures on Egyptian history and heritage at American churches and schools – particularly in Kansas, Texas, and California. He also serves as a guest lecturer on Windstar Cruise Line. Ramez’s area of expertise is Pharaonic Egypt, and he takes pleasure in leading clients around the Great Pyramids of Giza.